Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!!!

Yay! Finally! My favorite month is here! Why is it my favorite month you ask? HALLOWEEN!!!! Duh! Haha ;) I also love the colors changing beautiful! I just wish it could be 80 degrees out!

Look at what my sweet Scott brought home for our fur babies this morning:

Rascal loves it. And it's pink. Bonus points for Scott haha! Hopefully Snickers gets a chance to lay in it. I have a feeling someone is going to hog it up :) My babies are SO spoiled!!!

Here is a layout of a little dog that comes to visit us often. He belongs to our neighbor.

Cutie pie isn't he?!

Have a great Thursday ;)


  1. Awwwwww...I love Beagles!! We have a sweet Beagle and I consider her to be my daughter...they are great, cute dogs...

  2. Happy October to you : )
    I wish I could say that I love this month for the change of colors BUT in S. Florida it seems that the palm trees have not yet gotten that memo :D :D :D
    Love the layout of that cute little dog and your cat is just too cute, what I would do to have a cat but that is the 1 thing that my husband will not give in to : (
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. Beautiful layout Kristen!! I love how you use white space so well. And Happy October to you, too!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

  4. Theres nothing wrong with spoiling the kids!!!!(the ones with 4 legs!) Love your step son from next door. He is sooo cute!!

  5. I wish we had cool weather. Its been pretty hot her still! Send some cool weather my way!!!

  6. He definitely gets extra points for bringing home the pink one. LOL Your cats are adorable!