Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please Pray For My Rascal!

I had to take Rascal to the vet today. On Thursday, she couldn't keep her food down at all. I never saw her eat or drink anything Thursday OR Friday. The vet said she had a lot of dead fleas on her. I had no idea she had fleas THAT bad. I have been treating her but forget to last month...shame on me. My cats never go outside, so I have no idea how they got them. I guess from being around other animals at one point.

The vet gave her fluids so she wouldn't dehydrate, hairball medicine, a pill to kill all live fleas and a shot for nausea. Poor thing. I have to feed her baby food now, which she is not eating. I really hope she tries to eat later. I had to give her a bath earlier and she loved it. I'm a nervous wreck...I'm so upset...I can't imagine losing her. She is 8, so is Snickers. I can't believe they are that old. Snickers is doing fine...she had a bath earlier too. I'm getting ready to put flea medicine on the both of them.

We have to spray our house tomorrow, I really hope it kills what fleas are in here. Please pray my Rascal starts eating.

My sweet girl...

On to scrappy stuff...

Here is a card I created for a certain friend of mine :) She should be getting it soon! :)

And another card for another friend!! You will be getting it soon ;)

I created this layout for a color challenge over at Citrus Tree Studio! We had to use complementary colors. I used orange & blue...and added a few other colors :) :)

Jill! Thank you for the Prima! So cute! :)

And a Halloween layout :) I just love Scott's face in these pics :)

And I leave you with a picture of *MY* pumpkin...

Like his big nose?! I'm still trying to figure out my new camera :) I even ordered a Dummie book to help me learn new things :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. ohhh im so sorry about rascal! I really hope she just has some sort of bug. :( I bet shell be okay! 8 isnt old for a cat at all. my last cat lived til he was 18! youll have to keep me updated on her health, poor kitty! :(
    I love your new pics of her! did you take them with your new camera? I bet you did because they look awesome! Love your pumpkin with the big nose too, lol!
    those cards are sooo pretty! Youre so sweet, I told you not to send me anything, dammit!! lol. I love both of those though, whichever one is for me! :) I'm for sure hanging it in my scrappy room!
    Love your new layouts! That guts one is funny, and I love the one with the Prima flower, it's so pretty!! I knew youd make them look awesome, hehe.

  2. Oh your kitty is gorgeous, I hope she is feeling better and eating soon. Love your lo's and card. and your pumpkin is too cute :) looks like your enjoying the new camera.

  3. Poor kitty! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. She is so pretty. I love those los and the card. Way cuteness!

  4. I'm saying prayers for Rascal! I hope she's all better soon.