Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPPy HaLLoWeen!!!

It's here!!! Woohoo!!! Finally!!! :) Everyone have a great Halloween!!! Have fun!! I know I'm going to to... :) I have a ton of things to do today so this is going to be a quickie post :)

I have one new layout to share...of Rascal, haha. I promise to have more of Snicky ASAP!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 days!!!

Oh my, it's almost here!!! This week is going by way too slow, haha!!! :) I can't wait to dress up! It's going to be such a fun night :)

~Please Halloween Gods, let's have NO rain, no wind and let it be warm!!! :) So far, everything looks pretty good except for the temperature. I'm going to freeze my booty off!~

Here is a layout of my sweet Rascal that I made for my DT over at Posh Designs.

I used the yummy Basic Grey Lemonade Collection...the papers are sooo pretty!!!

This one was a lot of fun to make...I think I laughed the whole time, haha :) My poor, ugly, pitiful pumpkin.

Finally, another one of Rascal. I need to get more pictures of Snickers, I'm such a bad mom. She hates having her picture taken. She moves too much and will never look at me. Rascal is such a little poser. She's a camera hog :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Scott has to work nights (blah) so I think I'm going to hang out with my friends. Hopefully I will get some scrappy time in!!!

Here are a few new pics I have taken with the new camera. I also downloaded Adobe Lightroom and I LOVE it. I need to mess around with it more...I need some tips on how to use it! And my camera, haha!! Anyone have any?!

My sweet Rascal. I'm so glad she is doing better :) I need to take more pics of Snickers, I know she feels left out, poor thing :(

Scott hates this picture. He says he has 3 double chins. I only see one. Sorry babe. I love it!!! :)

Here is a layout of Scott's cows.

I made it a weird size - 7 x 12 in. I love how it came out!!! And yes, I really am a city girl living on a farm :)

Finally, here is a layout of Scott, with the picture the he just loves!

Happy Friday!!! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things Are Looking Up!!!

Rascal is starting to eat again. Just a little though. But she is keeping her food down and eating on her own! She had half a can of tuna last night (yea, I know, tuna is bad - but she ate it and that's all that matters) and she ate some of her Science Diet hard food this morning. I have just worried myself sick over her since Thursday. I haven't been able to sleep and I have even lost a few pounds. Please continue to pray for my baby!!!

I have been messing around with my new camera, here a few shots of our farm...

I still have tons to learn...hopefully my new Dummie book for my camera will come today!!! :)

Scott and I had a little photoshoot in our house. These pics aren't that great..bad lighting (it's so dark in the house) and just on the auto setting.

Please ignore our living's a work in progress :) :) :)

And here we are eating at FAV! These pics are from my old feels so weird holding it now :) It's so little compared to my new one!!!

New scrappy stuff...

My sweet Rascal :)

And a little card for someone special!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please Pray For My Rascal!

I had to take Rascal to the vet today. On Thursday, she couldn't keep her food down at all. I never saw her eat or drink anything Thursday OR Friday. The vet said she had a lot of dead fleas on her. I had no idea she had fleas THAT bad. I have been treating her but forget to last month...shame on me. My cats never go outside, so I have no idea how they got them. I guess from being around other animals at one point.

The vet gave her fluids so she wouldn't dehydrate, hairball medicine, a pill to kill all live fleas and a shot for nausea. Poor thing. I have to feed her baby food now, which she is not eating. I really hope she tries to eat later. I had to give her a bath earlier and she loved it. I'm a nervous wreck...I'm so upset...I can't imagine losing her. She is 8, so is Snickers. I can't believe they are that old. Snickers is doing fine...she had a bath earlier too. I'm getting ready to put flea medicine on the both of them.

We have to spray our house tomorrow, I really hope it kills what fleas are in here. Please pray my Rascal starts eating.

My sweet girl...

On to scrappy stuff...

Here is a card I created for a certain friend of mine :) She should be getting it soon! :)

And another card for another friend!! You will be getting it soon ;)

I created this layout for a color challenge over at Citrus Tree Studio! We had to use complementary colors. I used orange & blue...and added a few other colors :) :)

Jill! Thank you for the Prima! So cute! :)

And a Halloween layout :) I just love Scott's face in these pics :)

And I leave you with a picture of *MY* pumpkin...

Like his big nose?! I'm still trying to figure out my new camera :) I even ordered a Dummie book to help me learn new things :)

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

48 Degrees

OK, I'm so not ready for this cold weather. I have had the heat on all day. And to make matters worse, it's rainy and gloomy out. Boohoo to you, weather! I want the 70's back!!!

On to some scrappy talk!

I am in LOVE with the new October Afternoon Farm Fresh Collection. It's just too cute. And, since I live on a farm, I just had to have it :) :) :) Check it out:

I ordered a few of the patterned papers & the stickers. Can't wait till it gets here!!! :)

Ready for Halloween?! I sure am :)

Let's just hope it's in the 70's that day!! Or I'm going to FREEZE!!!

Finally, I leave you with a picture of Scott taken at the wedding he was in. I can't stop looking at it. He's so handsome.

Happy Wednesday all!!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New Camera? For Me?! Why YES!

Guess what?!!! Scott bought me a new camera!!!!! It's a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 SLR!!! I have been wanting a new camera for SO long now!!!! I should be getting it later this week, it's coming from Best Buy :0)

I can't stop reading all the reviews on it :) It has some great ones!!! I'm sure later on down the road I will want a new lens. This is perfect for now though. Have an awesome Tuesday!!! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wedding Weekend

How was your weekend?! I have had a pretty busy one. Scott was a groomsman in a wedding on Saturday. The wedding was so beautiful and I actually didn't cry, which is a first!!

Handsome, wouldn't you say?! He looked so yummy in that tux :)

The beautiful Bride & Groom. And look at that good looking wedding party!! :)

So cute!!!

At the reception...

I made some new friends :)

Great picture!!!

I think we looked pretty good in those jackets!

Heather & I

And, of course, we went to karaoke after the reception!!!

Hehe ;) We had a blast :)

I have been lazy today, I pretty much have been on the couch watching football :) I did make a new layout:

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Posh Contest!!!

Gals, you gotta check out the Posh blog! There is an awesome contest going on for the next 3 weeks. You can win one prize a week and one of the prizes is a BRAND NEW Sponge Bob Cricut Cartridge - valued at $99.99! WOW!

I created this little card for my DT at Posh. I just love the Prima Chipboard.

FYI - There is not really a blue shadow over the ribbon. Thank my lovely scanner for that ;)
Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I'm going to be super busy the rest of the weekend. I have to drive to Madison later for a million things, then tomorrow Scott is going to be in a wedding! I can't wait! He looks so darn handsome in his Tux :)
Ta ta for now :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weight Loss & Life

This post is going to get very read on if you dare!!! You can get to know me a little better :)

Anyone ever struggle with their weight? Ever since I was little I was the "bigger"girl. In high school I lost some weight but after I graduated I blew up like a hot air balloon. I was married before Scott (yes, I have been married twice and I'm only 25) to a man that was my high school sweetheart. We started dating when I was in 11th grade and we got married in 2003. I was with him until early 2007. In my first marriage, I got so big it was ridiculous. I think I weighed over 180 pounds...and on my wedding day I wore a size 18 dress. In 2004 I started working out. I was sick of how I looked and I was determined to make a change. Running, lifting weights, walking, stomach exercises, etc. I slowly started losing weight. I still ate everything I wanted, I can remember telling my ex husband to bring me home Taco Bell at 3:00 in the 3 times a week hehe :)

It took me 2 years to lose all the weight that I wanted to. I reached my goal of 115. I had said I wanted to get down to 130...but once I was there I wanted to be even smaller. It was really an addiction. So I lost a total of 65 pounds. My divorce from my first husband was a mutual agreement. It ended smoothly and we agreed on everything. We had no kids together which made everything a lot easier. We separated in February of 2007 and our divorce was final in September of 2007. He did support me with my weight loss but I think he thought I lost too much weight.

Now, I must talk about this. After losing all that weight it did a number on my ta ta's. I didn't have much there before and what I did have was pretty much gone. I didn't have a "normal" looking chest. It was quite gross to look at. They were two different sizes (which is normal) but mine were weird looking. Like the shape of a triangle. Haha. Seriously. I had wanted to have breast implants put in while I was married to my first husband but he never supported me on that. So, guess what? After we separated, my booty went st8 to the plastic surgeon and made an appointment. I wasn't doing this to just have my boobs bigger. I was doing it to feel like a woman, to feel normal, to have them the same size and to fill out my clothes better. I had the surgery in July of 2007. My doctor was amazing!!!

After I had my surgery, I gained some weight and got up to 135. I hated it. I felt so disgusting just because of all the hard work I had done. And weight was such a big issue with me. Some of you are probably thinking that 135 is a great weight (and it is!!!) and I'm crazy for thinking that way. It's just when you are so addicted to losing weight, it really takes a toll on your mind!

A few months after my divorce was final I met Scott. We dated for over a year before we got married. I said I would never get married again...but life happens :) Scott is so much fun, something that had been missing in my life! And he supports me on everything I do :) I have lost the weight that I gained from my surgery, I am now staying between 115-119. I'm trying not to let my weight bother me so much. I have an obsession with the scale and those numbers that look back at me. I want to be the smallest thing possible but I know that will never happen. Plus, I need to look healthy. I watch what I eat and I consume tons of fiber in a day to keep me on track :)

Sorry such a long post but I needed to let all of this out :) I'm just having one of those days :) :) :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ArE YoU ReAdY...

For Halloween?! 27 days!!! I have no patience when it comes to Halloween :) :)

Here is a sneak peek of Scott's costume...hehe :) Sorry he's so hairy ladies (and guys)!

I love my little devil ears :) And check out these shoes I found online for only $14.99!!!!

They are a perfect match to my devil costume :) My little Snicky looks evil in the background.

This past Thursday night we went to karaoke. We usually go on a Friday or Saturday but Scott had to work days all weekend.

It wasn't very busy so Scott got to sing a ton of songs. And here he is, looking awfully handsome with that pink guitar! He does need to shave though, I like the scruffy look but he has taken it a little too far :) Haha!

We matched in our flannel shirts :) :) :)
Scrappy news!! I am now a DT member for Urban Scrappers!!! Come check out the site, all the gals over there are sweeties!!! Yahooooo :)

I made this layout for my DT over at Posh.

And here is a little Christmas card I created for a challenge over at Urban Scrappers.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend :) :)