Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a BeAutifuL Saturday!

Since it is so nice out, Scott is taking me for a walk in downtown Madison. I LOVE walking and I think I have finally turned Scott into a lover :) We have went twice this week! After that we are going to grab some lunch...Subway is sounding pretty good haha :) And tonight he is taking me to Applebees for appetizers and drinks :) Can't wait!

A few new layouts to share:

My great friend Beth & I

Dad & I. Sorry for the icky scan. I hate that blue shadow! GRRR!

Even though I have been scared to death driving Scott's truck across the bridge...I'm starting to like it. I think we are going to switch vehicles! :)

Have a great Saturday!!!


  1. Great layout Kristen. Love the one with you and the huge truck!!!

  2. o0o0o how i love your scrapping style!!! ...and i admit... i stalk your blog as well! ;) hahaha


  3. looove these layouts too!! you need to come here and make me and john into walkers, we are sooo lame and outta shape, lol!! we went to the fair on friday and walked around for hours, my legs were killing me all day yesterday, how sad is that?? :D
    i love your new blog header by the way, love the trees!!