Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Applebees Has Karaoke?!

Scott took me to Applebees this past Saturday night for Appetizers & drinks. The bartender announced they would be having karaoke and I flipped out (in a good way) haha! You know we LOVE karaoke and I just couldn't believe they had it. So of course, I made Scott sing :)

He got to sing twice and they said he was in the running for a free dinner because he sounded so good :) He had to stay till midnight to be in the running and we ended up leaving at 9:30! Oh well :) At least he rocked the place with some Kenny & Alan Jackson hehe :)

Not the best picture...but he looks SO cute ;)

We also met this really sweet old man at the bar :) We had a lot of fun with him haha! He was hilarious :)

Cute isn't he?! Haha!!! Wow, I just realized I wear a lot of black.

And here we are when we got home...I was soooo ready for bed!!!

Sunday we watched football all day and yesterday was pretty boring....we watched football, again!!! I love it :)

Scott went back to work today, he's on days so it's not so bad. I have been cleaning my little heart out....and I created a couple of new layouts!

My niece Johanna...sooooo cute! I created this one for my DT over at Posh Designs.

And I followed a sketch from Pink Sketches for this layout. It's sketch #46. Check out the awesome site here! And check out Sarah's blog, she has amazing talent and she is a DT member there!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!


  1. Great layouts!!! Looks like you guys had a great time a dinner

  2. i love your new layouts!!
    i cant believe that had karaoke at applebees, how fun!! i bet scott would have won the free dinner if you had stayed, hehe. looks like that old man had a GOOD time hanging out with YOU! lol. he probably felt all special!
    it sounds like you had a great weekend!! :D

  3. Great new layouts!! The 4th angle made me laugh out loud...too cute!

  4. karaoke?!?! wat?! and you didn't invite me. hahaha. JK. ;) anyway LOVE your latest layouts.... love your work, but you already know that!! :)

    have a great weekend. doing anything fun?!


  5. OK! First off I love how you ca go from a pretty b;ack party dress to a hoodie and still pull that off, second....those are some nice layouts, you rawked those pages!
    Have a gerat weekend!

  6. Great kareoke photos!!! And I just adore your layouts, such beautiful work!

  7. Heh, I do believe that old feller is trying to cozy up to you a bit...must like blondes...hahahaha