Saturday, September 5, 2009

I can't stop eating! HELP!

Well, it's 8:23 p.m. here in KY. It has been a pretty boring day. So boring, I'm going to tell you all what I have consumed today. Nice, huh?! :) I eat many small meals in a day, but today it's been overkill.

Mcd's (Thanks to the hubby - but I did eat healthy. The Egg McMuffin. With a hashbrown. Ok, maybe not so healthy)
A bowl of Fiber One Cereal
Fiber One Yogurt
A Skinny Cow

Grilled chicken wheat bread sandwich
Quakes Cheddar Cheese Rice Snacks (These are so freakin good)

Tofu Shirataki Noodles mixed with some Laughing Cow cheese and a few crackers

100 Cal. pack of Veggie Crisps w/ salsa
My frozen frapp drink I make

And I'm still hungry! I try to eat pretty healthy everyday, but hey, a girl's gotta have her Mcd's every once in awhile, right!? I'm thinking I might go make an Egg Beaters pita sandwich soon...that sounds good :)

I have a few new layouts to share:

My Snicky Poo

Me and Snickers...I think Rascal is getting jealous with all of these Snicky layouts :) I will have to scrap her soon!!! I just love the new Sassafras stuff :)

Ah. Tobacco. Aack.

Well, I'm off...
Have a great Saturday night all!


  1. Great layouts Kristen!! Great title on the tobacco one!

  2. You sound like you eat pretty healthy! The store that closed was 30 min from my house. I am not sure where to buy stuff online? any ideas? I love your kitty layouts! I absolutely hate tobacco too! Have a good day =]

  3. That still sounds pretty good. It sounds like a good bit, BUT it was all healthy.

    I love all of your layouts, but I thought the tobacco one was super cute!

  4. Super cute layouts!
    Love your blog!