Thursday, November 19, 2009

Win Your Wish List Contest At Posh!!!

You do NOT want to pass up this awesome contest!!! It's super simple!!! Check out the Posh BLOG for all the yummy details :)

All you need to do is create a wishlist at the Posh online scrapbook store! Have at least $100.00 worth of scrappy goodness in your wishlist and you can WIN IT ALL!!! All you need to do is create a wishlist! How EASY is that?! There are going to be 4 winners drawn, starting December 2nd!!! Open to residents of Canada & USA 18 years and older!!!

While you are checking out the blog for all the details, check out this layout I made for the Design Team!

I used the super cute NEW Crate Bliss Collection :)


Yesterday I heard a faint meow in our backyard. Scott and I found the sweetest little kitten. It was pretty scared but came around after I gave it some food :) It's on our backporch now. I can't bring it inside because of Snickers and Rascal. They wouldn't be too happy. We need a good mouse catcher outside anyways :)

We can't tell if it's a boy or girl, haha. Hopefully we will find out soon :)

I was going to give it away to a good home but couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm in love with the little thing :)

I was just telling Scott the other day how much I love orange weird is that?!

I think we are going to name it Orangey, haha!!!

Well, I'm off to work on that wishlist...have a GREAT Thursday everyone!!!


  1. WOW...what a cool thing to do! I'll have to get over there and check it out:) What a cute kitty...we could never have cats, b/c my mom is allergic to them. They are so cute when they are little!! Love, Jess

  2. Cute layout! Congrats on the kitty! We named ours Tiggy, how typical of us..LOL!

  3. Ohhhhhh I love the layout...fab colors...I hope I have time to make out my wish list...thanx for the inspiration!

  4. Great layout girly!!! I think you need another kitty :) Rascals and Snickers will come around

  5. That lo is too cute!!! Here's wishing for you a pnik laptop!

  6. Oh wow girl, how awesome is that.
    They will learn to like him in time. keep him, he looks so innocent.

  7. CUTE kitty!!!!!! :) LOVE that photo!!!

    ummm, and me a wish list?! oh gosh, that could be a bad thing because then i'm going to want to buy something LOL. jk!

    anyway, keep us posted on the kitty!