Monday, November 16, 2009

39 Days!!!

Yes, only 39 day until Christmas people! This year has FLOWN by...jeez! I think this year Scott and I are taking the easy way cards for everyone!!! :) I have a few high priced items on my list, so we will see if I really get what I want ;) Here's my list for Scott:

1. A PINK laptop. I have never had a laptop :( Boohoo! I have wanted one for so long now...maybe Santa will see that I have been VERY nice! ;)
2. Gift cards to scrapbooking stores
3. Anything from Victoria's Secret
4. Target gift card
5. A camera bag so I can keep my new Canon safe ;)
6. Gift card to get my hair done

Scott hasn't worked much on his list. For now he wants new clothes and a Nike rain suit for when he goes golfing. I think I'm going to start my Christmas shopping for him online tonight :)

I think we are going to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I want to do it now but Scott says it's too early. Too early?! 39 days Scott!!!

Here are a few new pics of the girls:

Rascal Roo. My little sweetie pie :)

My little Snickers. Can't you tell they are sisters?! Rascal has a few pounds on Snicky though ;)

They live in boxes.

And our little visitor. Such a sweetie!

I leave you with a new layout of Snickers. I LOVE the new Crate paper cute!

The black background is from my scanner.

Have a wonderful Monday! :)


  1. Hope you get what you asked for!! :-)

    Your babies are too cute!

  2. I hope you get everything you want and more! Those photos are so fabulous! Especially the box one. LOL

  3. Beautiful photos and I love that layout. Love all the white space and the sweet little butterflies and birds.

  4. Stop with the "39 days" will ya?!? ;) LOL!! A pink laptop? Sounds awesome! Hope your Christmas wishes all come true.

  5. Adorable LO! I have a Laptop on my list too! I hope Santa is feeling nice this year:) We decorate on Thanksgiving while we watch the Macy's Parade. So only 9 days til' operation decoration!! Hope you have a fantastic week.

  6. Great layout girly!!!!! Love the pic of the cat in the box. Ours do the same thing! Tooo funny :) My list is easy compared to yours.....maybe I should change mine :)

  7. ths picture of your kat in the box is great! so cute...hopefully you will scrap that one soon...good luck with santa! hope he brings you all that you want :o)

  8. cat*

    whoopsies, i'm so used to spelling it with a k!!

  9. I hope Santa gives you EVERYTHING you asked for, especially that pink laptop :)
    Loving your layout and the spraying.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. very cute kitten!

    I am wishing it would snow here then maybe levi would be more apt to decorate early. Good luck on the wishlist! Congrats on the design team!


  11. Laptops are so much fun, I would love a pink one too. But keep in mind they are almost impossible to upgrade so according to my DH it will be a dinosaur in 4-5 years. I dont know, but it may be true bc mine was awful after about 3 years and I ended up going back to a PC.

    39 days OMG, I don't know where to start.