Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Smatterday!

Hi all!

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a wonderful time at my mom's house. She made so many delicious dishes! I wish I would have ate MORE! I never stuff myself for fear of gaining those 5-10 pounds! Here are a few pics from the day:

Scott & I. This is my new fav pic of us! :)

Momma & I :)

Dad & I. My mom and dad have been divorced since I was 5. Ever since then, mom always invites him for all the holiday dinners. I love how they get along :) I have the best parents!!!

Kiss kiss!

I just love this picture of Scott.

There's mom hard at work!

I still have more pics that need to be edited.

After we had dinner we stopped at Walgreens to buy pet beds for Snickers, Rascal & Orangey. They were only $4.99...and SUPER CUTE!!!

Orangey's bed! :)

Snicker's & Rascal's bed. Rascal loves it! She needs to share with her sister!

Every time I look at these beds I laugh. They are so adorable!

Orangey!!! I can't wait till we take him to the vet (Dec.8th) so I can bring him inside!!! He is staying on our back porch for now. He has it good though...2 beds, blankets, food, toys...spoiled rotten! I hope he checks out OK! I know Snickers & Rascal are going to be mad...but they are just going to have to get over it!!

Make sure you stop by Citrus Tree and check out all the kewl challenges going on this month! I created this layout for Tricia's doodling challenge.

I'm so glad it's Saturday! Scott has to work tonight so I'm going to have a girl's night out with Beth! I haven't seen her in forever! We are going to karaoke...I can't wait! Scott & I were supposed to go Thanksgiving Eve but we decided to stay home. I swear, we are getting old, haha! We haven't been to karaoke since Halloween!!! YIKES!!! :)

I leave you with a picture of our Christmas tree. We decorated it with red, silver & black ornaments. I love it!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!


  1. What wonderful scrappy pics....cant wait to see what you do with them...your passion layout is fabulous and your tree looks so inviting....thanx for sharing!

  2. Awesome photos and layout girl! Those kitty beds are so darn cute! Oh and I LOVE your xmas tree, very beautifully decorated! TFS :)

  3. You are so pretty! and those kitty beds are gorgeous! and what a beautiful LO! Wonderful post :)

  4. O' my, those kitties beds are way too adorable! I love how your babies are in them. Too cute! Great photos and glad too see your dad still comes around. How sweet of them both to do so. LOOOOOOOOOVE your tree. Then again, it maybe cause that is our tree colors too. I love red, silver, blk together. Have a great weekend and awesome week coming.

  5. Great pics!!! Love your layout, and i'm so glad you are keeping the kitten!!!!

  6. Thumbs up on Mom and Dad for being mature enough to say that just because they could not stay married they could still be in the same room for their daughter's sake.
    Loving your layout as always, I want Orangey : ) and while I'm telling you what I want...I want your tree :D :D :D
    Have a wonderful weekend and a great time you your friend.

  7. Sweet photos and LOVE the layout. The doodling is fabulous.

  8. Great photos!! Looks like you had a great thanksgiving. And such a cute layout, love the doodling!!

  9. okay tons of things to say....

    LOVE the latest photos!! i can see that you are totally getting great use of your new cam. ;)

    those kitty beds are soooooo cute! LOVE them!

    awesome layout!! it's GORGEOUS!

    and last but not least, GORGEOUS tree!!! i can't wait to share with everyone what ours looks like!


  10. Kristen...this blog post is awesome! I feel like I'm getting to know you better w/each blog post of yours I read. :) Your pics are GREAT! You and Scott (holy crap...what nice blue eyes he has!) are too cute. Your mom looks like she's about 30! (You can tell her I said WTH. HA!!) I so hope Orangey checks out alright so he can formally join the fam. And finally, your tree is beautiful!!

  11. You are so stinking cute girl! I love that lo! it's fabulous!

  12. Your tree totally rocks, and you are completely adorable! Great photos girlie!