Monday, November 2, 2009

Sooooo Excited!!!

Yep, I'm bursting with joy here. Yesterday I received a call from Cindy, the owner of Citrus Tree Studio. She informed me I was going to be a new Design Team member from December '09-March '10!!!!

I can't wait to work with Patti, Nicole, Tricia, Shelly and of course, Cindy!!! Here is a big congrats to all you girls!!! And here is a big congrats to all the new Guest DT gals!!! :) Everyone is so sweet on the boards and there is a ton of amazing talent in the gallery. Check out the site!!!

How was your Halloween?! We had a blast at karaoke. Here are a couple of pics from the night...

Rachael & I. She looked so cute!

Scott's cousin Travis. He is such a sweetheart!!!

And here we are. Jesus and THE Devil, haha :) We didn't win the costume contest, boohoo :( I think it's because Scott didn't wear his beard all night ;)

Sing it, Jesus!!!! :)

Here we are before we left for the night.

Sorry for the blurry picture :(

What a cutie!! :)


I wish I could have taken my new camera but I didn't want to risk something happening to it!!! There are still so many pictures to share...I'm going to make a mini album with them. Be on the lookout for that ;)

Here is Rascal on Halloween day...

She looks so thrilled...

And here is Snicky a few weeks ago wearing the whole outfit. Not the best pictures but I still have to share :)

The outfit wouldn't fit on poor Rascal, haha!!! :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend...and here's to a great new week!!!


  1. Look at you! You are one "HOT" devil! hehehe Love your guys costume.

  2. What great pics. Your costumes rocked! I can't believe you dressed up the what a minute yes I can!!!! :) Congrats on the new DT position.

  3. LOVE the costumes... and how did i know you guys were gonna be singing the nite away?!?! HAHAHHAHA..

    congrats on the new DT. i can see why you were picked. your style ROCKS. :) can't wait to see what you create on that DT!
    oh, and your kitties are ADORABLE!!


  4. Thank you SO much everyone!!!! :)

  5. Huge congrats on the new DT position! Totally deserved I'd say! You guys looked great for Halloween. Too fun!

  6. You guys looked AWESOME! Looks like you had fun :) Congrats on the DT--well deserved of course, you rock!

  7. wooo i love your halloween pics!! the cats look so cute in their costumes too, lol!
    I checked out the citrus tree studio, their kits look awesome, im sooo excited for you!!