Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ok. I'm a total ditz.

I just had Scott check out my blog. The first thing he said was Srappy & Happy? Stupid me. I forgot the C. Anyone else notice this?! Haha :)

I will get this fixed ASAP :)

I added a few more new things to my pink room. I love this room so much. It makes me soooo happy :) It was a pain to paint it though. We had to give it 2 coats because there was this ugly wallpaper up. Considering how the room looked before I think it looks SO much better!

And here is a pic of the room before. Nice huh?!

I made this layout of Rascal today. I need to start making more of Snickers. I think she is getting jealous. She hates her picture taken though ;)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. i love your scrap room! definitelyyy looks better than it did before! lol.
    love that layout of rascal too, i think its my fav so far since you started scrapping again, its so fun!!

  2. oh yeah and i didnt even notice that the "C" was missing, lol!

  3. oppps I didn't notice the missing c either

    Its so amazing what a simple can of paint can do for a room.